Put a dog in a car and it will get excited. Cars to a dog usually mean one thing – they’re off somewhere fun to do stuff like chasing birds around and splashing about in ponds and lakes.

No wonder they get so excited. Sometimes, though, they’ve been put in the car for an entirely different reason. They’re off to the vet’s for a check-up or jabs or who knows what?

When the penny drops, the looks they give their owners are absolutely hilarious. And what they do when they get to the vet’s to put off being seen is often even funnier!

Here are twenty times dogs realized they were going to the vet’s, not the park. Enjoy!

The Dog Knows Something The Cat Doesn’t

It was with a sense of weary resignation that this adorable pooch watched as his owner drove straight past the park he was looking forward to running around in and instead headed down a road he was all too familiar with – the road that led to the vet’s. The cat, meanwhile, had no idea until the car was close to the surgery. The look on his face when he realized what was going on was priceless!

“What’s This Place Again?”

“Well I’m not seeing much signs of grass or ponds or people having picnics who I can harrass for sausages, but I’ll give this place a chance. It’s a what, you say? Oh …” This poor little fella was all smiles until the penny dropped that he was nowhere near the park he presumed he was off to, and was in fact in a vet’s surgery to get his jabs. We feel for you, buddy!

“You Tricked Me!”

The owner of this Labrador knew just how much she hated going to the vet’s, and how much of a stink she kicked up in the back of the car when she realized they were going there instead of the park, so the owner devised a plan. They took an alternate route the next time the Labrador needed her shots. The dog thought she was going to the park. It was only when she saw the familiar dreaded building that she realized she’d been tricked! “NOOOOOOOOO!”

It All Becomes Clear

This dog was suspicious when her owner bundled her into the car with talks of walkies and playing in the park. She’d seen it all before. However, it wasn’t until her owner drove past the park and straight on to the vet’s that she knew the hurtful truth – she had been deceived YET AGAIN.

“Why Are We Driving Past The Park?”

This dog’s suspicions were immediately raised when his owner didn’t make any attempt to slow down as the park came into view. “What is he up to?” the dog wondered, narrowing his eyes and looking at his owner with suspicion. And then he turned his head and saw the two words every dog dreads – ‘Veterinary Surgery’. Sorry, Fido. It’s shots and an intimate exam for you, not running after a ball in the glorious sunshine.

The Great Escape

This poor chap’s way past thinking he’s spending the afternoon chasing after sticks in the park. He’s deep inside the matrix now – banged up in a cage, waiting for the vet to do his worst. But where there’s life, there’s hope, and he’s not giving up just yet. He’s going to escape this prison if it’s the last thing he does. Now, if he can just squeeze his head through these bars …

“Maybe The Vet Won’t Notice Me?”

There was no getting around the fact that the promise of the park was a deceitful ruse. This pooch had discovered the terrible truth. The visit to the consulting room was just minutes away. It was time for a cunning plan. “If I just hide here, I’ll become invisible to the naked eye,” thought this pooch. A flawless* plan!

*Not flawless.

“Send Help!”

Splashing about in a pond? Nope. Chasing after a ball? Nope. Jumping up at a complete stranger and getting mud all over their brand new trousers? Sadly not. Dreams of a day in the park are long gone for this little fella. He’s crossed the threshold into the dreaded consulting room, and it’s only a matter of time before the vet goes about his terrible business of checking on his well-being. His last chance is to send telepathic messages to his comrade outside. “Send help!” he says. But his friend can’t hear him because he’s busy licking his paws. Bad luck, little guy!

Master Of Disguise

The dawning realization that there was to be no run around the park today hit this little guy hard, but he wasn’t going to let the vet win. He had a plan. A faultless plan that would get him out of this predicament. He would become a master of disguise! The vet would never figure out that he wasn’t a cardigan, oh no. Sadly, his plan failed and he’s now protected against fleas and ticks for the next six to eight months.

The Penny Drops

As the park raced by in a blur, this King Charles Spaniel realized something was seriously wrong here. Why was everything going so quickly? There had to be a reason for this. She tried to alert her owner. “Slow down!” she shouted. “We’re passing the park!” Sadly, because she was a dog, this all just came out as, “WOOF! WOOF! WOOF! WOOF!” Her hopes and dreams were soon crushed when her owner turned into the parking lot of her local vet’s surgery.

“Time For Your Jabs.”

They decided on the tried and tested method of hiding behind their owner’s legs when the bitter truth was revealed that they were visiting the vet’s and not the park. Unfortunately, the vet came out of his consulting room and said, “Anyone for a tasty treat?” They couldn’t help themselves, and now it’s time for their shots. Sorry, guys. Better luck next time.

Dawning Realization

These three photos say it all. “Hey hey hey! We’re nearly there! We’re nearly there! We’re there! There’s the park! THERE! It’s there, look! Hey! HEY THERE! The park! We’re going past the … oh, right.” Sorry, fella. Hopefully you’ll get to the park tomorrow.

Not Coming Out

After the disappointment of driving straight past the park, it soon became obvious to this little pooch that she was headed for the vet’s again. Disgraceful! Well, she wasn’t having that. She clambered down into the foot-well and dug in her heels. She was going nowhere. No way! And then her owner lifted her out of the foot-well and carried her into the surgery. Curses! Curses!

Completely Invisible

He would have preferred tearing around a park, barking his head off, but unfortunately his owner had different plans. He was at the vet’s, and who knew what horrors might be in store for him unless he acted fast. He spotted a pole. Perfect! The vet would never find him here. Ha ha! A foolproof plan! Or at least it would have been if he’d been the exact same width as the pole. Still, on the bright side, he’s fully immunized against a range of canine diseases now, so every cloud has a silver lining.

Time To Hide!

She was at the vet’s, but she’d spotted a way out. She would make herself invisible by cleverly hiding behind her owners. There was no way the vet would ever spot her there! Unfortunately, there was a flaw in her master-plan. She was still clearly visible. The poor girl. No play in the park; just a full check-up from the vet instead. If only the cunning plan had worked! Better luck next time.

“Are We Going To The P … Oh.”

“Are we nearly there yet? Are we nearly there yet? I can’t WAIT to get to the park! I’m going to run straight up to somebody’s picnic and steal all the sandwiches, and then I’m going to run to the pond and bark at the ducks until you tell me to stop! Oh, it’s going to be a GREAT day! I can’t … I’m sorry? Vet? What’s a vet?”

“Nope. Not Coming Out. NO WAY.”

She was livid when she realized that she wasn’t going to spend her afternoon chasing pigeons around and going to the toilet in inappropriate places. She opted for the ‘stubbornly refusing to leave the foot-well’ tactic of vet avoidance. Unfortunately, like a previous entrant on this list, her plans were thwarted by being portable. Better luck next time, little lady!

Another Genius Hide And Seeker

Another little pooch who went for the ‘hiding behind an object’ method of check-up avoidance. Dogs are clever little things, but hiding does seem to be a bit of an Achilles Heel for them. Still, on the plus side, she’s been given a clean bill of health. Obviously, she would have preferred going to the park, but we can’t have everything we want. Sorry about that, pooch!

“The Vet Will NEVER Find ME!”

We’re not entirely sure whether this dog was trying to disguise himself as a table, a chair or a fashion magazine. It didn’t work, of course, but you have to take your hat off to dogs’ persistence in trying the same evasive tactic over and over again just in case it works one time. Now that’s what we call ‘dogged’ determination! Do you see what we did there?

One Of Them Knows What ‘Going To The Vet’ Means

These two sum up the difference between a dog who knows what driving straight past the park means, and one who doesn’t. Rover on the left there has seen it all before. Fido on the right still hasn’t got a clue. He thinks they’re just going to a different park a bit further away. “We’re not,” says his friend, wearily. Ah, with age comes experience! Bitter, resigned experience.