Put a dog in a car and it will get excited. Cars to a dog usually mean one thing – they’re off somewhere fun to do stuff like chasing birds around and splashing about in ponds and lakes.

No wonder they get so excited. Sometimes, though, they’ve been put in the car for an entirely different reason. They’re off to the vet’s for a check-up or jabs or who knows what?

When the penny drops, the looks they give their owners are absolutely hilarious. And what they do when they get to the vet’s to put off being seen is often even funnier!

Here are twenty times dogs realized they were going to the vet’s, not the park. Enjoy!

“What’s This Place Again?”

“Well I’m not seeing much signs of grass or ponds or people having picnics who I can harrass for sausages, but I’ll give this place a chance. It’s a what, you say? Oh …” This poor little fella was all smiles until the penny dropped that he was nowhere near the park he presumed he was off to, and was in fact in a vet’s surgery to get his jabs. We feel for you, buddy!