There are many famous movie characters who we simply cannot imagine being played by anyone else (here’s looking at you, Han Solo).

However, in quite a lot of cases, the actors who made these characters their own weren’t the ones who were originally cast to play the part. Actors are replaced for a variety of reasons. Sometimes the change proves to be spot on, as was the case when Tom Selleck was switched out in favor of Harrison Ford to play Indiana Jones.

Other times, the change proves to be disastrous. Here are twenty last minute actor replacements that completely changed the movie.

Sofia Coppola – The Godfather Part III

The first two Godfather movies are regarded as not just two of the best gangster movies ever made, but also two of the best movies ever made. So, what went wrong with part three? Well, many laid the blame at the feet of Sophia Coppola, who played Michael Corleone’s daughter Mary in the film. The part was originally meant to go to Julia Roberts, but she had to drop out. Instead, Coppola turned to Winona Ryder, who accepted the part despite suffering from nervous exhaustion at the time. When she dropped out too, Coppola was faced with a dilemma – delay shooting or cast his daughter in the role. He chose the latter, despite Sophia having no formal acting training. Her performance was a train-wreck, but is it fair to lay all of the Godfather: Part III‘s many, many flaws at her feet? Most certainly not.