We all get that feeling sometimes that life is simply not fair. However for Britt and Chris Harris this couldn’t be more true.

Britt and Chris got married in October 2016 and were enjoying a happy young family life. Unfortunately, in August 2017 tragedy struck, Chris was killed in action, while serving in Afghanistan. The U.S. Army soldier died from an attack by a suicide bomber only a week after finding out that he was going to be a father.

Britt shared the devastating news with her Instagram followers by writing “Goodbye my hero. My person. My calming voice. My soul mate. My world. My soldier. My savior. You will never be forgotten. You will never be replaced.” Britt now had no other choice but to be strong not only for herself, but also for the tiny child that she was now carrying.

On March 17, 2018 Britt gave birth to a beautiful baby girl, who was named after her brave father. “I knew when Chris passed, I would mourn him as my husband and later I would have to mourn the father of my child,”

Britt wrote. “It’s been over 8 months without him. Christian is here now and I can’t help but feel sad. He was so excited. We had plans and in none of them did I ever plan to do this alone. I wanted a family. But I know I can do everything from Christian that Chris would have wanted. I can give her the life and love he would have. I vowed to protect him in death and I will use that same passion to protect her with my life.”

During his time in the military, Chris had always considered his fellow soldiers to be a part of his extended family, calling them his army ‘brothers,’ so Britt wanted them to be involved and organized a special touching photoshoot.

She met her husband’s fellow soldiers, who arrived back home from Afghanistan and arranged for them to meet baby Christian for the first time.

Around 20 men from Chris’ battalion showed up to celebrate the baby girl wearing their military uniforms. The photoshoot touched the hearts of many people, showing a true, beautiful bond. Like Britt wrote, they are “Christian’s great big family.”

The soldiers instantly showed a deep love and affection for baby Christian, the photoshoot produced some truly touching shots.

The photos showed a clear and loving bond between the soldiers and the new baby that would be everlasting. Baby Christian offered a connection to their fallen friend.

Hopefully when she’s old enough Christian will be able to learn all about her dad from his brothers.

Just like Britt wrote they are “Christian’s great big family”.

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