It’s all fun and games during the dating stage, and the marriage part is supposed to be the best bit. But sometimes it’s not a happy ending, and just like the rest of us, divorces can get messy.

For ‘normal’ people, divorces are relatively straightforward. The worst part is deciding who gets the dog and the comfy sofa, but it’s a whole different ball game for the rich and famous.

Check out the most expensive divorces in Hollywood history – it’s enough to put you off marriage for life!

Kelsey Grammer vs Camile Grammer


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To be fair, he kind of deserved this as he did have an affair with then mistress Kayte Walsh. His infidelity cost him his marriage and $30 million. But we guess it wasn’t all bad for him, as he did go on to marry Kayte, around the time his divorce was finalised. They’ve since become parents .