These triplets have come a long way in their lives, however in March 2017 everything changed for them.

The Dahm sisters consist of Nicole, Erica and Jaclyn, who were born on December 12, 1977.

Everyone was stunned to see the identical triplets together, who were all blessed with amazing blonde hair and blue eyes.

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Spot The Difference

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It was almost impossible to tell the girls apart, which led the parents to make the decision to tattoo a special dot mark on each of the babies bottoms. Nicole, the first born has one dot, Erica has two and Jaclyn – the third born – has no dot.

Small Town

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The girls rarely spent time apart from each other, growing up in a small town in Minnesota called Jordan. Less than 30,000 people lived in Jordan while the girls were growing up, which meant that everyone knew who they were. Everyone commented on how beautiful the girls were, and modelling agencies were also quick to pick up on this.

What’s Yours Is Mine

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The girls did everything they possibly could together while they were growing up. In an interview with Playboy magazine, Nicole once said,  “We rarely hold our own identity. We were always known as ‘You three’ or ‘The Triplets.’” They shared everything in life – clothes, toys, friends. This could often cause tension and arguments, but the twins seemed to stick together through it all.

Teen Models

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When the triplets were just 16-years-old, they made it onto the cover of Teen Magazine as the winners of the ‘Great Model Search’. This was just the start of their huge career in modelling, as they would eventually make it into one of the biggest magazines of all time.

Nursing School

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Although the triplets enjoyed modelling, they also wanted to make a careers for themselves. All three of the Dahm triplets enrolled with the University of Minnesota as part of the nursing school, with the hope that they would all one day be nurses together. While they were on the college campus, they saw a flyer advertising Playboy’s search for models to include in their ‘Girls of the Big Ten Special Edition’.

Test Shoot

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The girls never imagined that by applying for this magazine shoot, their lives would change forever. They arrived at the casting and the agent realised just how special the three blonde bombshells were. The triplets had to decide whether they would be willing to take their clothes off for such a high profile magazine. After a lot of debate, the girls became the first triplets to make it into the monthly centre-fold for Playboy. 

Always Together

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It was of course a big decision for the triplets to take their clothes off for the publication, and not one which they took lightly. As they hadn’t planned on making a career out of modelling this was something they had to bear in mind. In 1998, Jaclyn said in an interview that they “would never have done this as individuals”. However, they would never have known how many doors this shoot would open for them.

Rising To Fame

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After appearing as the centre-fold piece for Playboy, more opportunities began presenting themselves to the triplets.  Erica reportedly said that the shoot is something she wouldn’t change for the world, and was an “Amazing experience”. The triplets changed their plans slightly, and dropped out of nursing school after their Playboy appearance, in order to pursue their own careers in the entertainment industry.


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The girls decided to try and make it big in LA, where doors began opening left, right and centre. The triplets made it onto TV shows such as Boy Meets World. The girls were typecast in particular as being unobtainable triplets – because that’s exactly what they were. They also featured on an episode of Family Feud with their father and older sister, where they won $10,000.

Renovate My Family

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This wasn’t the only time they appeared on the TV, as they went on to win an episode of House Wars. This also led the identical sisters to be hired for Renovate my Family. Their lives would never be the same from this moment on. Jay McGraw, the son of Dr. Phil, was the host of the show and where he met the middle triplet, Erica. They got on like a house on fire instantly. Erica has since admitted, “it was love at first sight”.

Meet The Doctors

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This chance meeting would be what led the Dahm sisters to complete a surprising DNA test together. As Dr. Phil is one of the executive producers on the TV show The Doctors, where various medical issues are discussed. Every so often, celebrities are featured on the show to discuss their own medical issues and provide opinions.

Triplet Health

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Erica and McGraw married in 2006, which is around the same time they had the idea of featuring the triplets on The Doctors. They would be given the opportunity to discuss their lives and health as triplets. The public went wild for it, wanting to know everything they could about the beautiful identical sisters. The girls began making regular appearances on the show, where they would discuss anything and everything health related. This is when the producers of the show had an idea which they knew would be a huge hit.

Expanding The Family

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While they were on The Doctors, rating soared, with one medical phenomenon really boosting the show. The triplets all got pregnant at the same time, at the end of 2009 and beginning of 2010. People were shocked and in awe of the sisters who were so alike that they even had to get pregnant together.

Triple Pregnancy

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The Dahm triplets all gave brith within just weeks of one another in 2010. Not only that, but they all gave birth to little girls! Jaclyn stated “it must be that triplet bond,” before adding how lucky they had all been. Producers from The Doctors allowed the girls to settle into motherhood before calling them in March 2017 to discuss an interesting idea.


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The producers had wanted to bring a journalist in from Inside Edition, Lisa Guerrero, to investigate whether DNA and ancestry tests were actually reliable. No one had ever been given the opportunity to test the reliability of the tests on identical triplets before, and no one expected to see the results which came back.

DNA Tests

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DNA and ancestry tests are now available in versions you can do at home, which have led to the increase in the popularity. These tests give people the opportunity to find out more about their heritage and which ethnicities lie within them.

Taking The Test

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The test itself comprises of a saliva kit which arrives in the post. Once you have provided a sample, the various companies can then decode your DNA and find out more about your heritage. The triplets provided their sample, and shipped it back to the company to wait for their results.


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They received their results within just a couple of weeks, and as the girls are identical, they all expected their DNA to match perfectly. However, the journalist was rather dubious about the at-home testing kits, and the results they would give live on air.

Never Believed It Would Happen

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Little did Erica, Nicole and Jaclyn know when they applied for the Playboy modelling job, that they would eventually end up where they are today. Beginning their lives as three little girls from small town, to sitting on the sofa of The Doctors waiting to learn more about their DNA.


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When the results came through, it was obviously unsurprising that the siblings were identical. They are so identical in fact, that Nicole’s safe at home can be opened by Erica, as their fingerprints are almost identical.


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The very basic results of the test showed that the girls were 99% European, according to their DNA. What was strange however, was that when their DNA was broken down even further, Erica was 16% Irish and British, whereas Nicole was two percent more Irish and British. All three of the siblings had different percentages of French and German heritage. It was confusing as to how the identical siblings could have different ancestry. The girls were shocked at the results, as were The Doctors on the show.


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The host of the show had a few things to say about the tests. He went on to say that the home tests should only be used for “entertainment” purposes and not as real evidence of your heritage. He also continued to say that he tests you receive in the post are not advanced enough to be 100% accurate, admitting that there were always going to be discrepancies in the results.

More Discrepancies

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Further results came in from the tests, which showed there were even more differences between the triplets and their origins. One test showed that the triplets had completely different percentages of French and German heritages. This was confusing for the sisters, who shared identical DNA.


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When the results were discovered they struggled to contain their shock. Nicole admitted she was very confused, considering they all came from the same egg. The host of the show, Dr. Travis, was very dubious about the tests and believed that they should only be used for entertainment purposes.


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Lisa Guerrero admitted on the show that she would be interested in taking one of the tests herself in the future. The journalist knew she was Latina on her mother’s side, and English on her father’s side. Although the tests aren’t as advanced yet as they could be, they do give some interesting insight into DNA,, genetics and ancestry.

Next Steps

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The sisters never expected to be this shocked by the results of the tests, but are glad they are now raising awareness about the types of DNA testing available. Since the show, a lot has changed for the identical sisters – they’ve come a long way from their small town of Jordan.

More Babies

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A few years after giving birth to their daughters, they all gave birth to sons around the same time. This means that each triplet is married, with one daughter and one son.

Endless Opportunities

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The girls still can’t believe how many opportunities have come from their Playboy test shoot. When reflecting on their lives, they said “It’s something you never experience when you’re from a small town of 2,000 people, and all of a sudden you’re in a magazine around the world.”


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It’s not just modelling and appearing on TV that these sister are good at, they are also skilled cooks and even have their own YouTube channel where they show off their recipes.