We all know that some of the most interesting explanations and most adorable words come from the mouths of children. Honestly not even a poet could make up some of these words. When Twitter user @TessaDare shared a five-year-old’s epic name for crows, grownups everywhere began sharing the kid-created names of various well-known objects our world became a better place, we’ve collated the best ones for you to enjoy.

So feast your eyes and quickly learn what a battle unicorn and pasta pockets are.

The lesser known battle unicorn

Beware the Flamingo witches

Why does this sound so creepy?

Some could argue it’s almost factually correct but man it sounds dark.

The starfish circle everybody

Please keep off the grass

Literally makes sense to me

In German it translates to ‘Hand Shoes’ so it’s close enough.

Well they are pockets of pasta

All hail the ‘Monobrow’

Imagine John Wayne on the ‘Cowboy Trumpet’

“You’re short on ears and long on mouth.” …

Love the Boo Boo Trucks

Would’ve given Twilight a whole new twist

Own up, who’s been singing?

Wrist issues

Yay Meat