Cosplay can be a seriously expensive business, with some of the costumes people buy costing hundreds, even thousands of dollars.

So what do you do if you want to get into cosplay but you haven’t got the cash to splash on an authentic Stormtrooper suit or a 100% accurate RoboCop outfit?

Well, if you’re cosplayer Anucha Saengchart, you grab what you’ve got to hand and use your imagination and a bit of camera trickery to recreate some of the most iconic characters from TV and film. And all for peanuts.

This guy’s talent has to be seen to be believed!

Pickle Rick

The episode of Rick and Morty where Rick turns himself into a pickle is one of the best episodes in a show that’s considered a landmark in animated adult comedy. So, how to recreate Pickle Rick? Well it was remarkably simple. All Anucha needed was a green sleeping bag, the sole of a shoe decorated with cardboard cutout teeth and a tongue and two CDs for eyes. The result was absolutely hilarious!

Erik Killmonger

The character of Killmonger was lauded as one of the best villains ever to grace the Marvel Cinematic Universe when Black Panther was released earlier this year. It’s no surprise that Anucha wanted to recreate this iconic character. So how did he achieve the unique look of Killmonger? Well, quite easily as it turned out. All he needed was a mop head and a sheet of bubble wrap and hey presto! You can hardly tell the two apart!

Davy Jones

Davy Jones was the terrifying, squid-faced villain of the Pirates of the Caribbean sequel, Dead Man’s Chest. To recreate the character, Anucha headed down to his local takeaway and ordered some noodles. He placed them on a plate, added some clips to a shopping basket and stuck it on his head. The result would have Captain Jack Sparrow running for his life!

Ryu From Street Fighter

To recreate the Street Fighter character, Ryu, Anucha donned a white t-shirt and a pair of white pants, added some duct tape to a belt and tied a red headband round his head. Job done. But how to recreate Ryu’s signature ‘hadoken’ special attack? Well, the solution was simple. Just lie on the floor of the bathroom and use the toilet to stand in for the attack. Simple and ingenious!

The Centaur

When he spotted this fantasy artwork of a centaur with a bow and flaming arrow, Anucha knew he had to recreate it. But how? After all, it’s fairly easy recreating movie and TV characters, but how on earth do you recreate a creature who’s half human, half horse? Well, it turns out it’s easier than you think. All Anucha needed was a tablet computer with a picture of a horse loaded on to the screen, a coat hanger and a toilet brush. He really has got low cost cosplaying down to a fine art!

The Titanic Poster

When it came time to recreate the iconic poster from the 1997 blockbuster, Titanic, Anucha’s genius really shone through. He recreated the ship using a computer keyboard, a wash basket, a tower of books and four toilet rolls for funnels. And to stand in for Rose, he used a child’s doll. The finished product is remarkably accurate, despite being made up from a load of random objects.

White Walker

When it came time to recreate the fearsome White Walker from the smash hit HBO show, Game of Thrones, Anucha pulled out all the stops. The character’s distinctive armor was recreated with computer keyboards; his pendant was substituted for a mouse; his hair was empty ice cream cones glued to a plastic bag and, best of all, the White Walker’s eyes were a couple of mints. The result is spectacular!

Infinity War’s Thanos

Marvel’s Avengers: Infinity War was released this year and went on to make all the money in the world. Anucha decided to recreate the movie’s iconic villain, Thanos. Thanos has a very distinctive chin, so how to do that big old chin justice? Well, all it took was coloring in Anucha’s hand with a purple marker pen and a bit of forced perspective and hey presto – the Marvel universe’s deadliest villain is brought to life at a fraction of the cost!

Jason Voorhees

Jason Voorhees is one of the most terrifying and iconic monsters in the history of movie horror. Anucha could have just gone out to his local comic store and bought a Jason hockey mask to recreate the evil undead murderer’s look, but that’s not Anucha’s style. Instead, he took an old pair of Crocs, painted some dots and red lines on them and stuck a couple of goofy-looking eyes on them. The result’s both uncanny and absolutely hilarious!

Cyclops From The X-Men

Cyclops is one of the most famous X-Men characters in the world, but how to recreate his distinctive visor? In a stroke of absolute genius, Anucha realized he could do it with a modified t-shirt, some blue and yellow face paint and, best of all, a microwaveable chicken burger bought from his local store. The man really is a creative mastermind!

The Batman Returns Poster

When it came time to recreate the iconic poster from Tim Burton’s Batman Returns, Anucha roped in his beloved cats. All it took to recreate the poster were a couple of faces drawn on card and a Penguin costume cobbled together from various household objects. Then it was just a matter of waiting for the cats to stay put, and bingo! Is there nothing this man can’t recreate?

The Girl In The Pink Dress

When Anucha spotted this photo of a model on the Internet, he knew he had to recreate her shimmering red dress. Not having a dress was no problem for this ingenious cosplayer. He simply cut the top off a bottle of pink-colored soda, donned a rather fetching wig and with a little bit of forced perspective he was able to recreate the shot of the girl in the pink dress pretty accurately. Genius!

The Army Man

You might think it’s near-impossible to recreate the look of a child’s army man figure unless you covered yourself in gallons of green paint, but you’d be wrong. With nothing more than a washing up bowl, a couple of cushions and a titanic mount of green tape, Anucha recreates the look of the iconic children’s toy perfectly. Atten-SHUN!

Rapunzel From Tangled

Anucha loves recreating beloved Disney characters. Here he tackles Rapunzel from the smash hit 2010 fairy-tale, Tangled. To create Rapunzel’s long golden hair, Anucha opened up a microwave meal, took out the noodles and placed them on a plate. Then it was just a matter of putting a yellow towel on his head and voila! They could be twins!

Recreating Deadpool

Deadpool was a smash hit when it was released back in 2016, and its sequel – released in 2018 – gave audiences another chance to immerse themselves in the zany world of the so-called ‘Merc with a Mouth’. To recreate Deadpool’s iconic mask, Anucha could have gone to great lengths with face paints and contact lenses, but why bother with all that when a pair of underpants, a Photoshop filter and looking up will do. The resemblance is uncanny!

Spock From Star Trek

It’s astonishing what you can achieve with a pair of pants and some clothes pegs. When Anucha decided he wanted to tackle the iconic character of Spock from the Star Trek TV series, he came up with a genius idea. Unlike regular cosplayers who go to great lengths and great expense when dressing up as their favorite Star Trek characters, all Anucha did was don a blue t-shirt, stick some underpants on his head and attach some clips to the top of his ears. As you can see, he absolutely nailed it!

Doctor Strange

When recreating Dr. Strange from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Anucha had another stroke of genius. By attaching a lit candle to a table fan, he was able to recreate one of the flaming time portals the doctor is able to summon up at will. Then it was just a matter of attaching some red crepe paper to an old coat and the look was complete. Brilliant!

The Predator

When Anucha decided to recreate the look of the iconic Predator from the movie of the same name, he really pulled out all the stops. For the creature’s distinctive forehead, Anucha used a cauliflower; for his hair, he used both dried noodles and a mop head, and for the mouth, he duct taped a photo of some really terrible teeth to his face and used baby sweetcorn for fangs. This is nothing short of work of art! We can’t wait to see how he tackles Ridley Scott’s Alien!

Rick Sanchez

To recreate the cynical mad scientist Rick Sanchez from Adult Swim’s hilarious Rick and Morty show, Anucha again headed to the bathroom where a bit of toilet cleaner and a flush created an uncannily-accurate time portal. Then it was just a matter of wearing the right clothes and adding some cartoon eyes in Photoshop and the result could have been straight out of the show. Brilliant!

The IT Poster

The poster for IT was almost as scary as the movie itself! So, how to recreate it? In what was perhaps Anucha’s most cost-effective cosplay of all time, all he needed to do was don a yellow hoodie and head out on to the street and find a red light. The result is both strikingly simple and utterly hilarious. We can’t wait to see what this ingenious guy does next. Well done, Anucha!