As the years go by, and technology increases ten fold, there are still actors that are considered timeless. And one such actor is Ted Danson, or more famously known as Sam Malone on the American sitcom, Cheers. Danson starred on the iconic sitcom for more than a decade and during that time, won over the hearts of many. But that is not all that he’s famous for.

In fact, Danson has a long line when it comes to TV and film, and his personal life is just as interesting. From scandalous marriages, to his interest in environmental causes, Danson has lead a somewhat intriguing life.

Here, you’ll learn all about the fascinating journey of Ted Danson, the ups, downs, and everything in between.

In The Beginning

Danson was born on December, 29 1961 in San Diego, California to mother, Jessica Danson and father, Edward Bridge Danson. He has one older sibling, sister, Jan Haury. Shortly after birth, he moved to Flagstaff, Arizona which is where he was brought up. Later, in 1961, Danson moved to Connecticut, where he attended the Kent School. It was here that he became somewhat of a basketball star.