We all have hopes and dreams. For one young couple from Indiana, however, the realization that they would never be able to follow their dreams because of their weight and their unhealthy lifestyles hit them like a ton of bricks.

They could have stayed on the couch, stuffing themselves with junk food and soda as they watched their dreams crumble into dust. Instead, they decided enough was enough.

To achieve your dreams you have to work for them. That’s what this young couple decided to do. What happened next is truly inspirational.

She Always Struggled

Meet Lexi and Danny Reed. Lexi had always struggled with her weight, right back from when she was a kid. Despite this, she was an outgoing and happy child who grew up into a kind and caring young woman. She had tried multiple times to lose weight, but it was always to no avail. By the age of twenty five, Lexi weighed 392 pounds. She knew things couldn’t carry on like this.