The Wild West was a poignant time in American history – the lawless behaviour, the fight to survive nature of its people and of course the iconic cowboy hats and wild horses, it’s a time that will never be forgotten.

Back in the 1800s, the Wild West, also commonly known as the American Frontier, was a period of conflict and survival for Native Americans as tribes swept in to try and take over their land.

From deadly gangs to outlaws, people back then weren’t afraid of an adventure, which has created some of the most standout moments in American history.

Take a glimpse at what life was like in the Wild Wild West below.

1. Wild West Rebel – Pearl Heart

Pearl Heart caused a lot of controversy when she began dressing as a male back in the 1800s. Her female outlaw ways earned her lots of attention in the West. She was sentenced to jail for robbery, but ended up with better prison quarters than others and given tons of media attention.