Nothing lasts forever, especially not in the cutthroat world of TV, where ratings are king and even some of the most beloved shows ever broadcast face the ax if they don’t make those all-important numbers. In 2018, we waved goodbye to several of our favorite – and not so favorite – shows, from long-running medical dramas and situation comedies, to shows that failed to shine after just one season. Here, with a few minor spoilers, are twenty shows that were cancelled in 2018. May they rest in peace.

The Last Man On Earth

The Last Man on Earth told the story of Phil Miller, a man who finds himself seemingly all alone in the world after a deadly virus wipes out human life on earth. It soon turns out that he isn’t quite as alone as he thought he was, and the show followed the adventures of Phil and a small group of survivors as they traveled to Mexico to avoid nuclear reactor meltdowns across the United States. Season four ended on a cliffhanger as the group was surrounded by an unfamiliar group of survivors when they finally reached Mexico. Fox chose to cancel the show at this point, so we’ll never know what happened to Phil and his friends.