The Center for Disease Control (CDC) recently did a study of all 50 states in the union to determine which animal in each state was most likely to kill a human being. For the most part, the deadliest animals turned out to be exactly what you would expect – large mammals such as bears, cougars and domestic cattle, and stinging insects such as wasps and hornets. But for other states, the results were actually quite surprising. Here we’re focusing in on 20 states as we present the 20 deadliest animals that will most likely kill you if you encounter them. Oklahoma came as bit of a surprise!

Alabama — Dogs

We don’t usually think of domestic dogs as particularly dangerous animals, what with some of them being a few inches tall and living in handbags. It’s often overlooked that dogs are in fact predators, and they will happily attack humans if they’re sufficiently riled up or are badly trained. The CDC report concludes that dogs are the animals that are most likely to kill you in Alabama, which is incredible considering the fauna of the state includes wolves, bears and alligators.