The airport can be a frustrating place at the best of times. Enormous queues, endless security checks, delays, cancellations, lost luggage … the list goes on and on . If something’s going to go wrong, it’s going to go wrong in an airport. Here are twenty hilarious airport fails that will have you laughing out loud … and might just make you consider taking the train next time. Bon voyage!

Suck It Up

It’s a pretty obvious rule of thumb. Check there’s nothing in front of the engine before turning on the massive turbine that acts like an enormous vacuum cleaner. Simple! This pilot clearly didn’t heed the warning, and this is the result. Don’t worry though, passenger jet engines are probably really cheap to replace. Probably.

It’s Certainly A Bold Look!

Pink bag? Check! Pink boots? Check! Pink outfit? Check! Pink hat? Check! This guy clearly doesn’t care that he stands out from the crowd at the airport. Of course, standing out from the crowd in a maximum security environment full of heavily-armed men and women on high alert looking for anything unusual might not be the most sensible idea. Still, at least he’ll look FABULOUS when he’s being strip-searched!

Better Luck Next Time!

“Have you seen the price of air fares nowadays? It’s bordering on criminal, so it is. How on earth are we going to afford to fly out for Ted and June’s anniversary party? We haven’t got that sort of money.” “Don’t worry, dear. I have a cunning plan …”

Interesting Parking!

“Right a bit. Left a bit. Forwards. Left a bit. Right a bit. Forwards just a few …” CRASH! Well it’s certainly one way of parking your plane up. We’re not sure if this innovative new method will catch on, mind!

Welcome To Neck Ache!

Airports are notorious for not providing space for people to have a lie down after their flights have been delayed or cancelled outright. This guy has come up with what he thinks is the ideal solution to this problem. Whether he’ll think it was such a good idea when he wakes up with excruciating neck ache is anyone’s guess! Youch!

There’s A Bear On The Runway

We’ve heard of birds on the runway causing havoc, but this is a whole different level! It’s probably best to let this polar bear do whatever polar bear thing it needs to do and wait for it to wander off. After all, a delayed flight is much easier to deal with than a polar bear!

There’s Tired And Then There’s REALLY Tired!

If there’s one thing we know about airports, it’s that they’re full to bursting with very, very tired people. Flights take off at ridiculous times in the morning, flights are delayed for hours, and flights are cancelled all the time. As a result, exhausted passengers have to grab forty winks wherever they can. In this guy’s case, that’s on a travelator. Sleep tight, travelator guy!

Better Get To Specsavers

To put this into context, Heathrow Airport outside London covers an area of 12.14 km². Obviously, a large part of that is covered by various terminals, support buildings, control towers, parking lots, etc. Still, with what available space is left, you’d think there’s enough room to park a plane without crashing it into another one. If this photo’s anything to go by, apparently that’s not the case.

Really Makes You Want To Fly With Them

Well this is a wonderful bit of advertising, isn’t it? What better way to entice people to fly with your airline than by depicting one of your planes plummeting to the ground? There was an easy solution to this airport fail – turning the advert around!

Early Morning Flight?

We can’t tell if this is yet another exhausted early-morning traveler or it’s a guy indulging in the fly-by-night Internet trend that was ‘planking’. Let’s just hope he wakes up or gets up before he reaches the top of the escalator or this could be a very painful forty winks / hilarious Internet-based game.

Er …. Thanks?

There’s nothing a recovering addict who’s just completed a grueling stint in rehab wants more than to have his or her addiction revealed to an airport full of customers and staff. This girl clearly thought that’s exactly what the addict needed. They probably caught sight of the sign and nipped out of a side exit.

Ho Ho … No

“Ho Ho Ho! Merry Christmas!” said Santa Claus. “Have you anything to declare, sir?” asked the customs official. “Only my desire to touch the hearts of all the children of the world this Christmas time! Ho ho ho!” “Right. In that room over there, please. Dave, we’re going to need a full cavity search on this weirdo.” “Ho ho … oh.”

Does She Need An Ambulance?

We’re not entirely she if this person is sleeping or dead. Given the soul-crushing, life-draining experience that is modern air travel, it could quite easily be the latter option. They may just be sleeping, of course, but it’s best to be on the safe side. Ambulance please!

Interesting Sleeping Position

Yet again, the airport proves it’s no friend to the slumbering passenger. Here we see one poor soul reduced to burying her head in her luggage in order to get a bit of shut-eye. Still, it could be worse. She could be sat on a plane eating awful food while surrounded by screaming kids and drunken passengers. Every cloud …

She Was A Bit Tired

When you’ve gotta sleep, you’ve gotta sleep! This little princess is dog tired after a day of early mornings and delay after delay after delay. Luckily, dad’s got it covered. Sweet dreams, little one! We’re sure your flight will turn up before it’s time to go to college!

Interesting Fashion Choices

You see many strange things in an airport, but you’ll have to go a long way to find a more strangely dressed young man than this guy. A Mountain Dew crop top, skintight shorts AND cowboy boots? How very daring of you, sir!

Rhianna’s Not Happy

It isn’t just us mere mortals who have to follow the rules. Even celebrities sometimes fall foul of security. Here we see Rhianna taking a body scan with all the good grace of a traditional airline passenger. In other words, fuming about it like we all do!

The Beach Towels Make An Early Appearance

They fully expected to break out the beach towels when they got to the pool. They hadn’t banked on the airline delaying their flight over and over again. Still, at least they can block out the unforgiving glare of the airport’s strip lighting as they bed down for the first night of their magical vacation!

Not So Perfect Paltrow

Here we see Gwyneth Paltrow having a bit of a bad hair day as she alights from a plane. The Goop founder is known as little miss perfect, so it’s nice to see she suffers the same trials and tribulations as the rest of us mere mortals!

How Is This Possible?

Finally, a quandry. We understand that the need for sleep can be overwhelming (and the airports don’t exactly go out of their way to aid you in this endeavor), but does that mean you must crush your leg bones in order to grab forty winks? Someone, for the love of God, get this man a bed!