Star Wars fans are a force to be reckoned with. There are so many theories and storylines to follow that it can be hard to keep up with the galaxy far, far away.

You might totally nerd out over the Star Wars franchise, but when it comes down to naming Luke Skywalker’s sister (who isn’t Princess Leia), do you really know everything about it?

Click through this mind-blowing list of Star Wars secrets, production set trivia and crazy revelations from early drafts that only die-hard fans might know.

Splinter Of The Mind’s Eye

From the get-go, Lucas envisioned Star Wars as a saga that would span over three or six movies. Although he had to keep in mind that A New Hope could flop at the box office, and so he hired novelist Alan Dean Foster to write a sequel for the first Star Wars under one condition; it had to be low budget, avoiding big action scenes and expensive effects. The novel was titled Splinter Of The Mind’s Eye, and it was Lucas’ backup plan if Star Wars didn’t make big money. If he had to make it, Splinter would be turned into a movie that reused props and costumes from the old film.

The book follows the story of romantically-linked Luke and Leia who are shipwrecked on a planet called Mimban, where they learn of Kaiburr Crystals. The duo search for these rare stones that acquire the power to amplify the Force, but Darth Vader and the Empire are fast on their tail.

As you know, Star Wars broke the box office and so there was a huge budget for the sequel. Splinter still left fans with storylines that they would like to explore, such as Leia having a lightsaber duel with Darth Vader. Although this never happened, the concept of the Kaiburr Crystals did finally come into play during Rogue One.