Unless you’re Justin Bieber, it’s becoming more and more popular for big superstars to hold meet and greet sessions for their biggest fans.

However the results of the posed photographs do not always go to plan- awkward hugs, huge spaces between them and far too much touching are just some of the results.

Here are 21 super fans meeting their biggest idols and the awkward photographs.

One Direction


We can see what these girls were going for and it sure was nice of One Direction to play along but those are some seriously fake smiles



Rihanna is such a good sport for her fans.

You can tell she feels a little uncomfortable though.

Khloe Kardashian


But sometimes it’s not the celebs being the creepy ones.

This man invading Khloe Kardashian’s personal bubble needs to back up!

Hugh Grant


It actually looks like neither Hugh Grant or the ‘fan’ want to be in this meet and greet photo.

Tim Tebow


Thankfully, some celebs can take meet and greets gone wrong well, just like Tim Tebow. Still, this probably isn’t what he bargained for.

Demi Lovato


Demi Lovato doesn’t have a problem getting to really know her fans, but we can’t help but think we wouldn’t choose this exact pose with our fave celebs…



Once again Rihanna enjoying some meet and greet fun with a fan.

Lady Gaga


First rule of a meet and greet, at least pretend like you are happy.

Lady Gaga fails to do this in epic fashion alongside her ‘little monsters’.

Russell Brand


What is even happening here between Russell Brand and one of his fans?

Kanye West


Bow in the presence of greatness, Kanye fan.

Paris Hilton


You can tell Paris Hilton is just thinking “….oooo-kay!” and is ready for this pic to be over already.

Nicki Minaj


Nicki Minaj might be smiling with these fans but we know her judging face well enough to know she thinks this is one awkward encounter.

Hulk Hogan… and James Blunt


James Blunt meets Hulk Hogan. Awkwardness ensues.

Kim Kardashian


Oh Kim, is it even possible to have a faker smile than this? Yikes!

Justin Bieber


While we saw earlier that the Biebs was down to get up close and personal with some of his fans, he seems none too happy about this super awk meet and greet.

Avril Lavigne


Avril Lavigne doing her upmost best to keep out of this fan meet and greet photograph.

Britney Spears


We know Brit loves her fans but you’d never know it from looking at her meet and greet pics!

Sir Patrick Stewart


Sir Patrick Stewart sure is great for playing along with this man who insists on being so close, while also towering above him.

Justin Bieber


Speaking of grabbing, can this fan sue Justin Bieber for this? What a creep!

It’s probably a good thing he no longer does meet and greets!

Miley Cyrus


Some would call this man lucky, others would tell him to burn his hands off…

Robin Thicke


But the most awkward meet and greet of all? That inspired worldwide derision, a terrible album, and the end of a marriage?