Everyone has fond memories of The Brady Bunch. It is time and time again considered one of the defining shows of the ’70s. However, surprisingly during its original run, the show never received high ratings or the critical acclaim it deserved. It wasn’t until its syndication that the show became popular with children and teenagers, which led to reunion shows and spin-off movies.

On the air for five years, The Brady Bunch follows the lives of a large family with six children.

The blended family live in a two-story house in Los Angeles and the show follows the likes of sibling rivalry, character building and puppy love.

It’s hard to imagine the lovable cast as anything but their roles on The Brady Bunch. But that does leave one to wonder, where are they now?

Cindy Brady (Susan Olsen)

The Smoking Bud

From 8 to 13, Susan Olsen portrayed Cindy, the family’s naive yet adorable youngest daughter.