Having great intuition can help in all walks of life, but can be particularly hand if you’re a police officer.  It was in fact, good intuition that explained how police officers in the Chinese region of Guangxi could tell something was fishy as they spotted a car riding suspiciously low to the ground.

The officers decided to pull over the vehicle and then performed a thorough search. At first, it appeared that they’d made a mistake; they couldn’t see anything out of the ordinary to explain the car’s obvious weight issues. Then they noticed a strong smell coming from the vehicle.

Officers often have to rely on their intuition when a situation just doesn’t feel right—even if they can’t immediately see why they feel this way. When an officer pays attention to their gut instinct, they can usually prevent something bad from happening.

Pulling over a suspicious vehicle

When these police officers in the Guangxi region of China took interest in a car with only two riders inside that was sitting unusually low to the ground. Something just didn’t seem quite right, so they decided to immediately stop the vehicle.