Hipsters have ruined most things for us normal people. Bars, restaurants, barbers, coffee. You name it, they’ve hipster-fied it.

But perhaps the one area where the effects of the uber-cool can be felt so keenly is travel. With a good deal of expendable wealth behind them, hipsters have made taking holidays unbearable for the rest of us.

Here are 25 hipster travel trends that we need to see the back of…

1. Glamping

Normal camping is far too common for your average hipster. No, they go “glamping” instead. It’s taken from a combination of camping and glam. See what they did there? It’s basically just a posh tent. But surely the whole point of camping is the outdoorsy nature of it. Just stay in a hotel!

2. Bubble Tents

This is a strange one. Bubble tents are essentially a self-inflating, entirely transparent circular tent. All very well, until you realise that you’ll be woken up at sunrise every morning, and that passers by and other campers can see everything that you are doing!