Ah, the last day of work. The impending sense of freedom, the teary goodbyes to colleagues who have become friends over the years, the cakes, the balloons, the streamers, the pranks. Here are some absolutely hilarious examples of people who did whatever they wanted on their last day at work, and some of the best pranks played on office workers who thought they were just going to say goodbye and then leave. Their co-workers thought otherwise!

You Have To Admire The Last Day Dedication

The last day working at the grocery store throws up many chances to sprinkle a little mischief about. Some choose to make a silly announcement over the store’s PA system – an action that would usually get them fired. Others simply slack off for the day, doing as little as possible until the clock ticks down to zero. This store employee, on the other hand, went that extra mile, rearranging every single cereal box on the store’s shelves so they were all upside down!

“Also My Last Day”

The guy in charge of updating this driver information sign in Scotland usually stuck to the script, informing drivers of weather conditions and hazard ahead. On his last day, however, he decided to describe the weather in his own unique way for once. The results were hilarious!