We often think of some of the most famous people in history as untouchable and only ever envisage them as they are shown in the public eye – however they existed before their fame and lived pretty normal lives.

They graduated, they raised families and some even saved lives.

From Barack Obama in high school to a baby faced Marilyn Monroe – here are some amazing photos that show the past of some of the most well known people throughout history.

Sigourney Weaver (1983)


Sigourney Weaver is a very talented actress who is sure to go down in history seen here eating a hot dog.

Robin Williams And His Wife, New York, 1983

Here’s comedy legend Robin Williams and his first wife Valerie Velardio back in happier times. Williams had just finished a recording of the legendary satire show, Saturday Night Live, and was heading out on the town with his wife. Williams was riding high in 1983, and his career would only go from strength-to-strength as the ’80s and ’90s progressed. Not so his marriage to Valerie, which would end in acrimonious divorce after Williams admitted to an affair with their nanny.