Have you ever taken  a photo that was so one in a million that it could never be recreated? Whether ideally timed, or perfectly positioned, these photographs can be downright hilarious.

The internet is awash with such chance photos. Here we select the 25 funniest found online!

1. Island Man

None of us is getting any younger. And as we age, our bellies start to bulge a little! However, it needn’t be all doom and gloom; the dad bod is all the rage these days. In this snap we see our hero’s physique has begun to match the island in the background. Bravo!

2. Flight Pinch

Some people are able to capture images that many of us wouldn’t even contemplate. With the advent of amateur photography, as well as the wide use of digital cameras, would-be snappers can achieve the perfect photograph. Here we have a shot so well-timed that the statue appears to be pinching the aircraft!