Metal detecting may strike you as a strange hobby, but to those who do it on a regular basis, it’s not only a great way of getting out and about, but it also might lead to the discovery of a lifetime. The young man in this story went out into the woods and discovered something truly incredible. However, there was a twist in the tale. Read on to find out what happened!

A Life-Long Love For Detecting

Brad Martin from Green Mountain Metal Detecting has been a keen detectorist for most of his life. He’s discovered all sorts of treasures over the years he’s been out and about metal-detecting, some of it worth a fair bit of money. But nothing would prepare Brad for what he would find the day he went out detecting in the woods.

A Preference For Woods

Quite a lot of detectorists like combing beaches and riverbanks as treasure regularly finds its way to the seas and the rivers. Matt, on the other hand, prefers detecting in the woods of his native Vermont. He’s built up a good relationship with a lot of land owners, and now has free reign to detect over a huge area of the state.