When a dog-tired military trainee boarded a long haul flight, the last thing she needed was somebody hassling her about sitting in the wrong seat. All she wanted to do was try and get as comfortable as she could in her cramped coach seat and get some sleep. But no. Here was a guy hassling her about seat allocation. What was this guy’s problem? When you find out, you’ll be in for a big surprise!

All She Wanted Was The Quiet Life

It had been another long day. The woman had already endured the nightmare that is passing through a modern airport, and now some random guy was demanding she vacate the seat she had booked in coach. What was this guy’s beef?

It Was Definitely Her Seat

She knew full well it was her seat – 31-B. She had checked and rechecked her ticket before and while boarding the plane, so knew full well that 31-B was the seat she had booked. The man was insistent, however, that she was in his seat. This was shaping up to be a bad day.