The organisers of the annual Academy Awards like to run a tight ship. Unfortunately, there have been times when the prestigious ceremony has run off the rails in quite spectacular fashion. From terrible hosts to Oscar snubs; from mix-ups to political controversy, it hardly seems like a year goes by without something going very publicly wrong. Here are the twenty biggest Oscars controversies, blunders and bloopers.

RIP Jan Chapman

The 89th Academy Awards will go down in history for the La La Land / Moonlight debacle, but that wasn’t the only thing that went wrong in 2017. During the annual ‘In Memoriam’ segment of the show, the Academy honoured the late Australian costume designer, Janet Patterson. There was just one small problem – the photo they used was of Janet’s close friend and colleague, Jan Chapman. Chapman – who was very much alive at the time – was later issued with a grovelling apology. Oops!

Jennifer Takes A Tumble

She’s one of the most graceful and elegant women working in Hollywood today. However, there was none of that on show when Jennifer Lawrence’s foot got stuck in her overly-long dress and she took a tumble as she climbed the stairs to collect her Best Actress Oscar at the 2013 Academy Awards. The no-nonsense actress didn’t mince her words when she was asked why she had tripped. “What do you think happened?” she said. “Look at this dress. I tried to walk upstairs in this dress, that’s what happened!”