One thing fashion fans eagerly anticipate is the revealing of the actresses’ outfits on the red carpet at the annual Academy Awards in Hollywood. Over the years, most of the women who have graced the fabled carpet have worn spectacular outfits that have won them nothing but praise and admiration. There are others, however, who have rocked up in something so horrendous, people are still talking about their fashion failures years – even decades – later. Here are twenty of the worst outfits ever worn to the Academy Awards.

Bette Davis

Bette Davis didn’t expect to win the Oscar for Best Actress in 1936. As a result, she wore a rather frumpy old costume that made her look like a domestic servant. After she’d collected her gong for her performance in the movie Dangerous, arch-rival Joan Crawford cattily quipped, “Dear Bette! What a lovely frock!”

Barbara Streisand

1969 has gone down in history as the year the Academy was split right down the middle when it came to who should win the Best Actress award that year. In the end, the Oscar was shared by both Barbara Streisand and Katharine Hepburn. Unfortunately, Streisand didn’t realise that the sequinned pant suit she chose to wear that year would become transparent when exposed to bright lights, leading her to collect her award while showing off rather more than she intended to!