If you’re on the lookout for something heartwarming in these uncertain times, look no further than recent history. It wasn’t all doom and gloom back then. Indeed, from the ’30s to the ’90s, there were plenty of times that things happened that put a great big smile on people’s faces, and luckily there was someone there with a camera to capture these heartwarming moments.

Photographs are a remarkable and special way of marking signature moments throughout history.

These people have definitely made their mark on the world, either through acting, politics, singing or other infamous qualities.

Here are some great moments from history that we guarantee will put a smile on you face. Enjoy!

70s Drag Racing Queen ‘Jungle Pam’

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As the sidekick to drag racing madman Jungle Jim Lieberman, Jungle Pam was on the black top during the most seminal time in drag racing, the 1970s. Born Pamela Hardy, Jungle Pam met Jim in 1972, a few weeks before she graduated from high school, while walking to nearby West Chester, Pennsylvania. She told Hot Rod that he pulled up next to her in a Corvette and said, “Hi, I’m Jim.” From there, the duo hit the road and took the drag racing scene by storm.

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At the time there were no women on the circuit that checked for leaks, or generally working with cars at all, so seeing Pam on the track doing the job of a man was a major draw. She learned on the job, and before long she was just as adept at packing parachutes and checking the nitro as any gear head on the track.