There are countless tales of bravery that have emerged from the hell of World War II. Allied soldiers fought on the land, in the air and on the sea all over the world, and some of them went above and beyond the call of duty to become legends in their own lifetimes. This is the story of just one of them – an amateur boxer from Texas who would become one of the most fearsome and well-respected tank commanders of the Second World War.

Ace Of Aces

Tank commander Lafayette G. Pool was already a living legend who had bust his way from the coast of France deep into German territory in 1944. During a ferocious engagement with a German Panzer tank, his Sherman took two direct hits. Surely nobody could survive that?

Humble Beginnings

Lafayette Green Pool was born one of twins in the town of Odem in Texas in July 1919. Lafayette went to school in Taft in Texas, graduating from the school in 1938. His brother, John Thomas Pool, grew up and joined the U.S. Navy. He would see action in World War II.