Being a sniper is a difficult, lonely and dangerous job. Not only do you have to endure often appalling conditions until your quarry comes into your sights, but you always have to be on the lookout for enemy snipers who are usually trying to take you down for the bounty that’s been put on your head. That’s what faced the US Marine in the following story. He was asked to take out a senior Vietnamese general. What he did to take down his mark is truly remarkable.

He Watches, He Waits

In the bush, a lone sniper inches towards his target. For four days and three nights, the sniper has slowly been crawling on his belly for an astonishing 1,500 yards. Finally, his target is in his sights. His mark is a North Vietnamese Army general. The man has no idea he is seconds away from death.

An Early Interest In Firearms

The name of the sniper who crawled all that way to take out an enemy general was Carlos Norman Hatchcock II of the United States Marine Corps. Born on the 20th of May 1942 in Wynne, Arkansas, Carlos grew up around guns and developed an early interest in them. The first gun he was given was a decommissioned Second World War German Mauser given to Carlos by his father when he was three years old.