There are some household chores that can be an absolute pain to perform. From removing chewing gum from clothing to wiping away crayon from walls, doing these things simply and easily is usually next to impossible.

However, thanks to the wonder spray that is WD-40, household chores, stubborn stains, rusty old locks and dirty surfaces can be taken care of with ease. Here are twenty ways in which WD-40 will transform your life.

Polishing Silver

Silver can lose its sparkly sheen over time, making any silverware you happen to own look dull and unimpressive. Luckily, WD-40 is ideal not just for cleaning off any dust and dirt, but also for shining that silver right back up again. Your silverware will be gleaming in no time!

Shoe Shine

Believe it or not, WD-40 is an ideal way to both clean and maintain a pair of sneakers. In the winter time, those stubborn rock salt crystals that tend to stick like glue to sneakers can be sprayed and cleaned away. To waterproof your sneakers, spray the entire surface with WD-40.