It may not seem it at this precise moment, but the United States of America has been led by some pretty formidable intellects over the course of the country’s two hundred and forty three years existence. From the Founding Fathers of the 18th Century, through to giants such as Teddy Roosevelt, Woodrow Wilson, Franklin D. Roosevelt and John F. Kennedy, the country has been governed by some seriously smart men. But how smart, exactly? Here are the top twenty US presidents with the highest IQ scores.

Benjamin Harrison

With an IQ clocking in at the 145 mark, America’s 23rd president was a sharp cookie. He did, however, have one Achilles Heel – electricity. Despite the fact it was under Harrison’s presidency that electric lighting was first introduced to the White House, the man himself would not flick one of the newly-installed switches because he feared being electrocuted.

George Washington

Another president with an IQ in the 140s, George Washington was, of course, the very first man to hold the office of President of the United States of America. After leaving office, Washington didn’t just rest on his laurels. He got into distilling in a big way. At its height, his distillery was producing a whopping 11,000 gallons of un-aged whisky a year. Not bad!