You’re not exactly living on chump change when you enter the upper echelons of American politics. Presidents can expect a base salary of $400,000 per year, while your average senator brings home about $100,000.

However, even these relatively high salaries don’t explain why some American politicians are so fabulously wealthy. Here awe take a look at twenty politicians who are seriously loaded, and the reasons why they are.

Betsy DeVos

The Trump administration’s Secretary of Education, Betsy DeVos is a seriously wealthy woman. Estimated to be worth in the region of $8 billion, DeVos’s money does not come from politics, but from her family’s business interests. Her husband, Dick DeVos, is the former CEO of Amway, the health, beauty and home care company founded by Betsy’s father-in-law Richard. The company made the DeVos family a serious amount of money, hence why this polarising politician is worth such an eye-watering amount.