The struggle is real, and it doesn’t just get instantly easy just because you’re a celebrity. We all struggle with resisting all the most tasty, but also most fatty foods on offer.

Sometimes we let things get out of hand, and before we know it, we’ve ballooned in size and can’t fit into any of our old clothes.

Imagine the disappointment at not being able to fit in all the designer freebies previously handed out, back in our ‘slimmer’ days. That reality is very true for celebrities who piled on the pounds, but these 15 famous faces also managed to shed the extra weight too!

Christina Aguilera

She was always known for having an amazing body to go along with that amazing voice. But gradually she piled on the pounds and we saw a very different pop diva appearing before our eyes.

In preparation for the season premier screening of The Voice back in 2013, she got her body back in fantastic shape, shifting around 20 pounds by working out with fitness guru Tee Sorge and doing yoga.

Melissa McCarthy


Here’s Melissa in 2011 at the annual HBO Awards picking up her award for Best Comedy Actress.

Now in 2016, McCarthy is a now a multi-award winner and hugely successful actress, oh and she’s over 75 lbs lighter! Go Melissa!