Being a firefighter is a job where you never know what your next call is going to be. One minute you can be fighting a raging fire in a burning building, the next you’re rescuing a cat stuck up a tree. For the firefighters in the following story, they had a very different animal rescue on their hands … but this one had a twist in the tale! Read on to find out what happened when firefighters came to the rescue of a litter of adorable pups.

Chilling Out In The Fire Station

It was just another day for the firefighters of the Colorado Springs Fire Department. As they waited for their next call to come in, the firefighters sat around chatting about their lives and work and playing with the fire station dog. Then a call came in from a concerned lady. She said she thought some animals were trapped in a drain. It was time to spring into action!

Getting Ready To Go

As the firefighters prepared their equipment, they had to contemplate what animals they might be rescuing. The call had come in from the city, so that probably meant they would be rescuing domestic animals. However, they had to be prepared for the possibility they might be dealing with a wild animal, so the correct equipment had to be taken along to prepare for any possibility.