Jaguars are a rare and endangered species that can be found in the forests and dense jungles of Central and South America. As part of ongoing conservation efforts, Jaguars are kept in captivity in zoos around the world where they form part of an international breeding program that will hopefully save this species from extinction in the wild. This is the story of one such Jaguar, and the frantic efforts that a dedicated team of medical professionals made to save her unresponsive cub.

New Arrivals

The mood was jubilant when the staff of Madrid Zoo learned that the zoo’s female Jaguar, Xena, was pregnant with three cubs. The excitement mounted as Xena’s due date came ever closer. Soon, the zoo would have some brand new jaguar cubs to show off. It was great news.

Xena Does The Unthinkable

Unfortunately, when Xena gave birth to her first two cubs, she killed them. This was not unusual as Jaguars will often kill their own cubs if they feel threatened or stressed. With another one on the way, the decision was taken by the zoo team to try and save this one from its mother.