“Do not submit any personal photos that you do not want to be made public,” is the disclaimer on the Twitter profile of James Fridman, and a quick look through his work quickly explains why!

These people enlisted the help of Photoshop master James Fridman who can make all your photo editing dreams come true.

These unfortunate people might not have realized though that he takes your requests quite so literally…

With a legion of fans (almost 1.5 million followers on Twitter) sending him their images for James to play with daily, it seems like he’s going to be busy for some time to come.


Haha who even knows why she wanted his legs closed. But he delivered.

Peter Parker He Is Not

We’re pretty sure he was thinking he might be kissing the girl, or taking on the Green Goblin. However Fridman had a completely different idea of what a hero looks like.  We’re pretty happy with his results.

A Glitch In The Matrix

This is just too strange to even comprehend – it’s as if a weird sim character has come to life! <

Well He’s Definitely Rich Now

He’s definitely granted her wish here and let’s be honest being Rich, suits him.

We Don’t Think She Meant That…

Well that just took a turn for the worst – his face has gone from disinterested to just plain scary!

So SO Awkward…

Well this is every daughter’s worst nightmare and that 360° head turn makes this cool beach photo look like something out of a horror film.

Summer Body

To be fair he did get all of his beautiful wife’s features so he can’t really complain.

Jumping Away From Responsibilities

This is an accurate description of most adults nowadays – James just started a revolution.

From Adult To Prepubescent

Well that is just plain creepy and proves that if you’re lucky enough to be able to grow a beard, you should keep it.

An Angle With Wings

This girl got exactly what she asked for and we think it’s pretty darn cool – so unique and different…

A Family Affair

This is now a beautiful lit family!  One for above the fireplace that’s for sure.


This is so hilarious we can’t quite handle it. From the woman straddling the satellite to the made up religious planet – this has to be some of his best work.

When Eyebrows Get Political

Like we said before, this Photoshop wizard takes requests very literally so unless you give the most specific details, James will let his own imagination run wild in the most hilarious way.

Polish Me Up

image source

Well he’s definitely looking very “Polished” that’s for sure.

The Accidental Date

What a kind gesture to set up your friend with a potential lover – oh wait, that is definitely not what this Twitter user wanted.

Sunbathing At Walmart

Technically he didn’t say where in America he wanted to be placed – he didn’t even specify a beach!

This Guy Did Not See It Coming…

That’s exactly what you get for body shaming a woman!

Guarding Those Gates

image source

I feel like this kid didn’t really get the gates of Hell he was expecting! But still it’s important he protects these all the same.

This Poor Guy Wanted To Look Cool

Image Source: Facebook

He might be behind there somewhere, there really is no way to tell – but he definitely got what he asked for.

Two Big Bens

Well technically he is holding a hench Ben Affleck so he has finally got his dream.

The Reason For Sadness

This is so accurate – we really do appreciate that single tear too.

The Ladies Will Love This

If he doesn’t have 15 girlfriends after changing his profile picture to this then we will be gobsmacked.

Giraffe Neck

Well, if he didn’t already look totally terrifying, he does now – well done James.

As If By Magic…

Clearly this guy is a bit behind when it comes to how technology works, at least James has taught him a lesson.

The Best Profile Picture Ever

Now he only has to worry about whether people think he’s the boy in the blue shirt or the girl in the blue shirt, now.

Reach For The Stars

Well they definitely got what they wished for with this hilarious photo – not only is she higher off the ground – she’s practically in space.

Model Height

Well if this lady wasn’t basically a Victoria’s Secret model already, she definitely could be now…

Looking Grate?!!

Well he did exactly what she asked him too, I’m not sure she likes it as much as we do…

Not The Celebrity He Had In Mind…

Britney Spears, Ryan Gosling, Owen Wilson – there are just a few blonde celebrities that we can imagine Arijit would rather be than Donald Trump.

Political Burn

Well this took a serious turn – but we can’t help but laugh!

Eyefell Tower

Well this silly lady definitely deserved this hilarious photo-response – what a glorious photoshop masterpiece!

A Sexy Pool

Well, he got what he wanted – maybe not in the exact setting that he was picturing but we would consider that a “sexy pool”.

Her One And Only Dream

She didn’t specify if she meant the animal or the piece of construction equipment so by all means, her dream could have actually come true.

Thomas The Tank Engine

This girl got what she asked for, Thomas The Tank Engine is something you would definitely run away from.

 The Prettiest Kardashian

This girl made the wrong choice asking for any Kardashian because not only did she get the least famous one, she also got the brother!

Taylor Swift Stealing The Show

Unfortunately for these Tay-Tay fans, the singing superstar totally photo-bombed their picture.

He Isn’t Dabbing Anymore

Well the dab is getting more and more annoying, we think this is probably the best way to cut it out.

How Adorable…

Even though this Photoshop wizard is a keen prankster, he knows when to turn on the serious mood – this little girl needed to know that.